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How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost? and other Commonly Asked Questions.

Asbestos was commonly used in Melbourne and around Australia for many, many years. While the commercial use of asbestos materials ceased in the mid to late 1980s, its sale was not completely banned until 2003. Many of the homes and businesses we live in, work in, and encounter on a daily basis contain asbestos.
While not every single asbestos-containing property poses a high health and safety risks today, as time goes on, the wear and tear of these structures increasingly become a cause for concern. At MD Asbestos Removal, our aim is to use our expertise in safe-handling and disposal of dangerous construction materials to help rid all Melbourne homes and business of asbestos.

In our practical guide below, we cover our most commonly asked questions about asbestos-removal, from the costs to contaminated soil.

General Asbestos Removal


Can I remove asbestos myself?

Technically yes, there are no legalities against removing asbestos by yourself but for the sake of your health and safety, unless you have experience, it’s best you do not DIY your home asbestos removal.

There are numerous risks associated with handling, moving and disposing of asbestos fibres and asbestos-containing material. Going through it only to damage your home or disrupt the asbestos fibres is not worth the risks and will only lead to calling to more specialised professionals afterwards!

Professional asbestos removalists are specially trained and familiar with safe-handling practices and waste disposal practices meeting all Environmental Protection Authority regulations. Contacting experts is the only way to ensure your home is completely free of contaminated materials without causing any damage in the process!
Contact Melbourne asbestos-removal professionals for a good estimation of the costs to expect for your asbestos-removal needs.

How much does it cost to remove asbestos in Melbourne?

Questions about how much asbestos removal costs are the most-asked questions we, and probably, all asbestos-related businesses receive. The reason for this is it’s extremely difficult to offer an answer; every home, building and structure is unique.

Even two identical homes built at the same time in the same place will differ in their asbestos removal needs because of the difference in the residents and activities that occurred within them over the years.

What are the cost factors?

Asbestos removal Melbourne costs vary on a case-by-case basis. The pricing for removal jobs is calculated by measuring the cost per square metre. In addition to the asbestos removal cost per square metre, each of the following matters is taken into account.

  • How much asbestos is being removed.
  • The condition and level of damage to the asbestos area.
  • Accessibility and how difficult it is to access the asbestos.
  • In some cases, travel time and emergency status are considered factors.

When receiving or looking at a quote based solely on asbestos removal cost per square metre, remember that it is not the final cost so you can budget accordingly.

Should I have an on-site consultation before booking asbestos removal?

You can save on excessive inspection costs if you already know your home was built with asbestos. If you’re struggling to recognise the signs or learn about your building’s history and construction, contact asbestos removals professionals for an on-site consultation.
Asbestos removalists are very familiar with asbestos-containing structures. With relative ease, they can identify the amount of asbestos and level of damage. MD Asbestos Removalists provide free on-site consultations. This allows the team to get an understanding of the above cost factors, so they can provide you with a more accurate quote on the day.
We start off our services with a free of charge consultation so that we can understand your needs, get an idea of the problem and make sure you too, understand the process to be undertaken.

How can I get a more accurate asbestos removal cost estimate?

1. For an asbestos removal cost estimate, contact MD Asbestos Removals in Melbourne.

2. You can discuss your situation with them and they will be able to give you an idea of what kind of costs you can expect. For a more accurate quote, you need to book an inspection.

Roof Asbestos

How can I identify asbestos roof sheeting or asbestos in general?

Asbestos cement sheeting, also known as AC sheeting or fibro (short for fibrous cement sheet)
Is a very strong material that, for many years was commonly used for building Australian homes. Here are some examples of how you can identify if this was the case for your home or property.

  • The most foolproof, safe way is identify asbestos yourself, is by checking out the manufacturer product name and date. Look for labels around your home, on yoru roofing materials If it dates back to the early 1980s or earlier, the chances of your roof sheeting containing asbestos, are very high.
  • The date itself is not always a failsafe indication as asbestos was not completed banned from use until the early 2000s. Even if you spot a post-1985 year, if you’ve located a manufacturer’s label, a quick online search of the material or product and what it comprises of is definitely in your interest to get the all-clear.
  • If possible, contact the building company or contractors to get some background information.
  • If you notice a dimpled appearance of the building’s surfaces – such as ceilings and walls, it might be made from asbestos. Oftentimes, asbestos-containing materials had these ‘bumpy’ looking surfaces with smoother surfaces and finishes becoming the norm later on. This is not the strongest sign on its own.
  • How to be 100% sure? Book a free professional on-site consultation or inspection with our Melbourne experts in asbestos and contaminated waste materials.

Is asbestos cladding dangerous?

If your sheeting or cladding has remained undisturbed, unweathered and undamaged through the years, it is very unlikely to be dangerous or to pose significant health concerns. Like many other asbestos-based materials, fibrous cement sheeting will only become dangerous after it’s exposed to erosion elements and becomes airborne.

Is the cost to remove asbestos sheeting worth it?

While asbestos cladding that has remained intact is less likely to cause harm, there is always an element of risk. The only way to ensure there is zero risk is to have it removed. Asbestos cladding removal costs, eaves removal costs, sheeting removal costs are highly dependant on factors like the type of building materials used and what kind of condition they are in. Contact MD Asbestos Removalists for a direct quote based on your situation.

Asbestos-Contaminated Soil Removal

It is not just asbestos in your home and building materials that you need to be wary of.
Remnants of asbestos being left behind in the infrastructure of your property or in the soil after removing the fibres from your home is a serious safety concern that one should never risk.
At MD Asbestos Removal, we provide contaminated waste removal services either as a standalone service or in conjunction with asbestos removal jobs. Our team pay close attention when it comes to asbestos-contaminated waste removal. We thoroughly collect all contaminated soil and waste materials for pick-up and ethically dispose of asbestos in EPA registered landfills.

What is the cost of contaminated soil disposal?

Asbestos-contaminated waste disposal is a specialised service that varies with every job depending on its size and level of complexity. To learn more about our contaminated soil disposal costs, please contact our friendly team at MD Asbestos Removal for information, or to arrange your free on-site consultation.

MD Asbestos Removalists in Melbourne

What services does MD Asbestos Removalists offer?

Asbestos Removal Melbourne offers a full range of services, from inspection to the disposal of asbestos, including safe and effective handling and removal of asbestos-contaminated soil from your home, commercial or industrial business.

What health and safety measures to professionals take during removals?

We put safety first and take absolutely no risks with any jobs. For larger scale operations or industrial services, we offer contaminated fill disposal. We follow through jobs, right down to ethical disposal of contaminated soil and materials.
We operate strictly in adherence to safety measures and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations to ensure we provide the best service possible for all customers.

Does MD Asbestos Removal offer 24/7 emergency services?

Yes. For jobs that require urgency due to health and safety concerns or certain circumstances, we offer an emergency asbestos removal service in Melbourne. When it comes to our emergency service and accommodating your timing, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Areas of Melbourne Do You Service?

Our goal is simple: to help all Melbourne homes and businesses be free of asbestos. MD Asbestos Removal is based in Melbourne’s northern suburbs but we service all areas, Melbourne-wide and any customers in need; residential, commercial or industrial.

We take no risks and strictly adhere to all relevant safety measures and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations to ensure we provide you with the best service possible.

Where Can I Go For More Information?

To learn more about any of the above topics, book an on-site asbestos consultation or get a cost-estimate on an asbestos removal service for your situation, contact MD Asbestos Removal.
You can browse our website for more information, give us a call or shoot us an email enquiry.

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