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Roof Removal in Melbourne

The roofing of many homes, workplaces and building structures all around Melbourne and Australia in general were built using asbestos-containing materials such as asbestos cement roofing. Asbestos roofing materials were extremely popular in use right up until the 1980s and their distribution was not completed banned until 2003, so if your home was not constructed recently, chances are it contains asbestos.

If you know, or suspect that your roofing contains asbestos, you should book a professional inspection right away and unless you are an expert yourself – do not attempt a DIY removal.

There are numerous risks associated with handling, moving and disposing of asbestos fibres and asbestos-containing material. In addition, roofing maintenance is discouraged as a DIY practice because of the injury risk from working at a height and specialist technical skills are needed.

Dealing with the problem yourself can further disrupt the asbestos fibres which will only lead to needing more specialised professionals afterwards!

At MD Asbestos Removals, our team are specially trained and familiar with safe-handling practices, asbestos roof removal services and waste disposal practices meeting all Environmental Protection Authority regulations. Contacting experts is the only way to ensure your home is completely free of contaminated materials without causing any damage in the process!

How to identify if your roofing contains asbestos:

  • Checking out the manufacturer product name and date. Look for labels around your home, on your roofing materials If it dates back to the early 1980s or earlier, the chances of your roof sheeting containing asbestos, are very high. Some items such as asbestos cement might indicate ‘AC’ (asbestos cement) on their label.
  • The date is not always a failsafe indication as asbestos was not completed banned from use until the early 2000s. If you’ve located a manufacturer’s label, a quick online search of the material or product and what it comprises of is definitely in your best interest to get the all-clear.
  • If possible, contact the building company or contractors to get some background information on whether any of the materials contain asbestos.
  • How to be 100% sure? Book a free professional on-site consultation or inspection with our Melbourne experts in asbestos roof removal services, asbestos in general and contaminated soil removal.

While asbestos roof sheeting that has remained intact is less likely to cause you harm, there is always a degree of risk. The only way to ensure there is zero risk is to have it removed completely and replaced.

Asbestos Roof Testing All Around Melbourne

If you’re not familiar with building practices and asbestos-containing-materials, identifying them is not easy and inspecting your own roofing, if you are not an expert, can be particularly challenging.

At MD Asbestos Removal we provide professional asbestos audits and testing for homes and business all around Melbourne. Our team of asbestos removal technicians will always start off with a free of charge, on-site consultation, so that we can understand your needs, get an idea of the problem and make sure you too, understand the process to be undertaken.

If you suspect your home contains asbestos or are concerned about the materials, book your free on-site consultation to confirm your asbestos risk status.

24/7 Emergency Services Available

Some jobs require urgency due to health and safety concerns and sometimes due to individual preferences and circumstances. Asbestos Removals Melbourne, in order to accommodate to getting your asbestos removal service done at your convenience we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your asbestos roofing is par

Asbestos roof removal costs, sheeting removal costs are highly dependant on factors like the type of building materials used and what kind of condition they are in.
Contact MD Asbestos Removalists for a direct quote based on your situation.